Presently named President’s College Veyangoda boasts of a history stretching close to a century. It was established in 1918 as a bilingual Buddhist mixed school in a small building with 20 teachers. It was given the name Veyangoda Village School. The founder principal was Mr.D.D.Wanigasinghe.
This Veyangoda Village School premises was later used to initiate Veyangoda Central College, one of the first five central colleges in Sri Lanka, under the Central College concept of C.W.W.Kannangara. During the middle of 1950, the central college was shifted to the premises where the Veyangoda Central College is situated today.
Subsequently, Veyangoda Primary school and the secondary school were fortunate to get the above central college premises for their existence. Mr.P.Nanayakkara assumed duties as the first principal of Veyangoda Primary School. Due to a request made by S.W.R.D.Bandaranaike, in 1957 the Education Minister W. Dahanayake declared the village school as Veyangoda Maha Vidyalaya. Mr. Vincent Karunarathne, Mr.B.N. Rajapaksha and Mr.V.N. Samaraweera served the college from 1965 to 1978 respectively.
With the acceptance of duties by the principal Mr.C. Karunarathne in 1985, the school geared to its progress in many ways. He brought in a computer laboratory with internet facilities, an “A Grade” library and the Buddhist shrine room to the college infrastructure. During the period of M.C.Karunanayake, this school was proclaimed as “President’s College” on July 21, 2001. He rendered his services for 20 successful years at this college. During the tenure of the principal T.Ranaweera, the college was upgraded as a Navodya College. The discipline of President’s college students flourished during the short tenure of two years of Rev. Madagapitiya Wimaladharma.

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When the present principal Mr.H.M.P.Kuragammana assumed duties in 2012, the school made unbelievable progress in both education as well as the infra-structure. Initiating the Advanced Level Science and Maths streams, constructing the “Shrine area”, constructing the Mahindodaya technical lab, organising the school environment are some of his major developments.

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Today, the school which had its humble beginning celebrates her 96th anniversary and proudly boasts of a student population of over 1,750 and a teaching staff of 80. The number of parallel classes for Grade 6 and 7 has been increased up to seven in recent years. The strength of President’s College was further verified by forming the Eastern and Western bands, Cadet Corps, Media Unit, Scouts groups, Environmental Corps, etc.
As far as development is concerned, Veyangoda President’s College reached notable progress when the 2012 and 2013 G.C.E.(O/L) and G.C.E.(A/L) results were released.

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President’s College is also blessed with some superb achievements by students in extra-curricular activities. The “Hathara Beeri Kathawa” Drama captured the second place at the All island Drama Competition 2013. Uresha Ravihari Hewagama was placed first at the Junior Essay Competition in 2012 and All Island second place at the senior competition in 2013. The “Pahatharata Devol” dancers were able to bag third place at the Western Province Dancing Competition.
Ever since the establishment of President’s College in 1918 to date, it has produced several well disciplined, knowledgeable, skillful personalities to the nation and today stands as one of the greatest Buddhist schools in district.

-Sujitha Miranda

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