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Amidst the fertile land and natural beauty Rambaikulam Girls Maha Vidyalam stands aloft as a prestigious educational institution in the Vanny mainland, catering the educational needs of the society for many generations through its portals of knowledge. Located at the heart of the bustling Vavuniya town which famous for its culture traditions and unique religious practices. RMGV has been propagating the light of knowledge to all exceeding the religious and regional boundaries since its inception.

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St. Xavier’s Girls’ College (N.S) which is situated in the Mannar District is the only institution for Christian girls, with its own specialties ruled by Holy Family nuns.

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Vigneswara College which is now 97 years old is in the nervous nineties to reach its centenary, has provided high quality services to the students of the area of Karaveddy.

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Nelliady Central College is located in an urban area known as Nelliady, in the Vadamaradchy region, 28 kilometers away from the Jaffna town. It was established in 1921. It is historically famous as it is one of the schools established by the government, while religious missionaries and some other individuals were engaged in establishing schools all over the island.

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“The Year, 2010, was special. It was the year I joined Wijeya Newspapers Ltd. On October 9, 2011, my first article was published in the Education Times. My first article was on St Thomas’ College, Bandarawela and Badulla. I selected these schools as they were based in my home town.

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Uduppiddy Girl’s College is situated in Uduppiddy, which is in the famous Vadamaradchy area in the Jaffna District.  It is a leading Girls’ School which was established by the American Missionaries as the second College constructed only for Girls in Asia.  It was established according to instructions made at the meeting on July 6, 1866, at Vaddukkoddai.

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Jaffna Central College is one of the oldest schools in Sri Lanka. It was founded on August 1, 1816 by Rev. James Lynch who was also the first Principal of this prestigious school. This school was first called English School and in the following year it was renamed as Jaffna Wesleyan English School. The name of the school was changed again to Jaffna Central School in1934 by the then Principal Rev. Dr. Peter Percival.

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Hartley College was founded in 1838 by Rev. Dr. Peter Perceival a scholar cum educationist, who compiled the English/Tamil Dictionary and also translated the Bible into Tamil. At that time the school was known as “WESLEYAN MISSION CENTRAL SCHOOL”. In 1848 the Central Schools Commission recommended a grant to the school for its good work.

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Chavakachcheri Ladies College which is famous for its educational success was initiated on January 14, 1952 by Late V. Kumarasamy, M.P. It was first named as Mahalir M.V and started its services with 14 students and three Teachers. Miss. Balambikai Kanagasabai was in office as the first Principal.

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Manipay, popularly known as the Cinnamon Garden of Jaffna was also famous for its heritage of eminent philanthropists. Manipay has also produced statesmen like Sir. Muthukumarasamy, the Ponnambalam brothers, devoted professionals and businessmen. A wave of religious enthusiasm passed over Jaffna in the first decade of the 20th century, which brought to the minds of the Hindu parents the value of training such children in an institution that would be essentially Hindu in character and tradition.

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Chithambara College, Valvettithurai is one of the eminent 1AB schools in Vadamaradchi Zone in the Jaffna District. Valvettithurai is a famous historical coastal town which is situated in the Northern tip of the Jaffna peninsula in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka.

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Manipay Ladies’ College (M.L.C.) which is 52 years old has a rich history. In the year 1944 it was V. Veerasingam, Principal of Manipay Hindu College who took the courageous decision to admit girls into a boy’s school despite limited space for accommodation.

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Chavakachcheri Hindu College is a leading National School in the Jaffna district. The school has a great reputation for high performances in the curriculum and extracurricular activities. It is situated in the A-9 road route, approximately one kilometer from Chavakachcheri. It was founded in 1904 by late V. Thamotharampillai as a Tamil mixed school near the Chavakachcheri market. Today it has grown into a National School and is held in high esteem.

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Drieberg College, Chavakachcheri, is one of the oldest schools in the Jaffna District and it is the first school in Thenmaradchy. It is situated in the heart of Chavakachcheri town and was founded in 1875 by American Missionaries.

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Vaitheeswara College is a reputed school in the Northern Province which has been providing education with social impartiality. It stands among its proud history and glory of its great journey with self-confidence during its 10 decades of services. With the blessing of Siva (Vaitheeswaran), it keeps the religious tradition and Tamil culture alive and well. However Vaitheeswara College accommodates students from Muslim and Christian community as well. It has been playing a vital role in Jaffna to provide a better education to the multi cultural community.

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Kokuvil Hindu College is one of the foremost mixed schools in the Northern Province which ensures to give equal education to both boys and girls. 
The village Kokuvil is situated in Jaffna, the cradle of the Tamil people.

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Chundikuli Girls’ College is one of the pioneer institutions in the field of women’s education in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Founded by the Church Mission Society (C.M.S) in 1896, it has a long tradition of empowering girls through education for nearly 120 years, marching forward despite the economic, social and political challenges faced by the school.

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In the wake of religious re-awakening carried by Srila Sri Arumuga Navalar in the second half of the 19th century, an action group was created in the Jaffna District for the setting up of English medium schools in various parts of Jaffna. As one of the first steps in this direction, Canagaratnam Muthaliyar started Chulipuram Hindu English School in 1876. This school survived and grew to be the Victoria College as it is presently known.

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Kilinochchi Madya Maha Vidyalayam which was established in 1927 by Sir Ponambalam Ramanathan, is the first school in Kilinochchi district. It is surrounded by the source of water and green land in the heart of the town. The school was established with the intention of giving a wholesome education to the children of the workers who had been deployed at the construction work of the Iranaimadu tank.

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Vembadi Girls’ High School summons a long chronicle with perceptible accomplishment among the schools in the Northern Province
Vembadi Girl’s High School (VGHS) boasts of a long history with rich grandeur. Methodist Missionaries, who arrived from England, initiated their service here to broaden education by establishing an English School. This English School, called as The Weslyan Central School, is situated in the present Vembadi Premises.