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After 191 years of smooth and rough sailing, St. John’s College, Jaffna continues to fulfil the standards laid by their founders 
St. John’s College, Jaffna is one of the oldest private educational institutions in Sri Lanka, originated by the London Missionaries (CMS) in 1823. The founder missionary the Rev. Joseph Knight, who arrived in 1818, initiated the establishment of the school at Nallur. From the commencement, St. John’s College has been imparting a holistic education, with the curricular and co-curricular activities along with the inculcation of good discipline.

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Jaffna Hindu Ladies’ College is one of the foremost girls’ schools in Northern Sri Lanka, located close to the famous Murugan temple in Nallur. It is blessed with a physical setting away from the din and noise of a crowded city.

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With a solid record of nearly 125years since the founding of Jaffna Hindu College, yet the College stands aloft as the Premier Hindu Institution in the Island. Jaffna Hindu College has had a proud record of service in the history of our Country. Many of its distinguished Alumni have held and are holding high positions of responsibility in Sri Lanka. The College has also been the citadel of Tamil and Hindu Culture.

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Senarath Paranavithana National School which is situated in the Minuwangoda zone, in a land area of 10 acres, is today upgraded as a 1AB Super School under the Mahindodaya Project. Capt. A. Jayathissa the present principal of the school is heading the school with a dedicated set of staff members in the foremost school in the zone. The school which has a long history has three vice principals, 106 teachers an academic staff and 33 non-academic staff at present. Nearly 1300 students are studying from Grade 6 to 13 in order to pursue their education in the Sinhala medium and from 2011 English medium classes which has been conducted to cater to the need of the children. About 20 buildings shelter the students in the school.

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Panwewa Vidyalaya is a very small rural village school in the Uva Province, situated in Uva Paranagama. The school came to our attention due to the unrivaled services rendered by the principal of the college Mr.H.M. Jayasundara who retired after three and a half decades of dedicated service to this school. 

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Sri Dharmaloka College is a well-established prominent national school in the Western Province, situated near the Kelaniya Temple. It was established as a Buddhist English school in 1938 under the patronage of Vidyalankara Pirivena. The school was named as Sri Dharmaloka College in respect of late Sri Dharmaloka Thero, the founder of the Pirivena. Mr.B.A.Kuruppu was appointed as the first principal.

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Sri Sanghabodhi Central College which was inaugurated on November 1, 1942 by the Minister  Sri.Don Baron Jayathilaka is situated on the Colombo - Kandy highway close to Nittambuwa town, in front of Horagolla Watta.  Dr. C.W.W. Kannangara who was the Minister of Education at that time, placed his signature in the log book and started the teaching learning process at an auspicious time. Thus Dr. C.W.W. Kannangarathe became the first teacher of this school. Sri Sanghabodhi College pays tribute to Dr. C.W.W. Kannangara who was a great patriot and called the father of free education in Sri Lanka.

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Surrounded by a majestic row of weeping willows and Na trees, Viharamahadevi Balika Vidyalaya presents a dignified pathway taken by one of the most favourite girls’ schools in the Gampaha District. The school started in a humble manner, with only 25 students and seven teachers under the leadership of the first principal Mrs. Amara Wickremasinghe.

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Though the bustling city of Kadawatha, a soothing effect of natural blessings comes to you when you enter Kadawatha Central College among huge Ehala Nelli and Na trees. It is a prominent government Buddhist school in the district of Gampaha. At the inception, the school was known as St. Thomas’ College Kadawatha, being the first government English medium school in the Gampaha District. It was shifted to Ganemulla Road by the person who donated the land Mr Simon Weerasekara, and who even constructed a building.

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Sapugaskanda Vishaka Balika Vidyalaya which has arisen as one of the most prestigious schools in the Gampaha District has been able to achieve its targets within the fields of education as well as in extracurricular activities since its inception on March 25, 1991 with 171 students and two teachers.

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With the blessings of Kelani Raja Maha Viharaya, Biyagama Central College has been embraced by the eye catching beauty of the Kelani valley to stand tall with pride and glory as the only “1AB Super” school in the Biyagama Division and to bestow its services to the students in the area through its actively based learning environment.

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Right through a period of over a century, St. Lawrence’s Convent Colombo, 6 has been a guiding shelter for girls by educating them not only in their academics but also in their co-curricular as well as their spiritual activities.

Originated on the foundation of the long standing tradition of Catholic Education in 1900 by Mrs. Janet Poulier as a small educational hub in the drawing room of her home which was called ‘The Lawrence Villa’, the school was then known as ‘The Drawing Room School’. With the transmission of its administration to the Catholic Church and thereby to the Good Shepherd Sisters, The Drawing Room School at Lawrence Villa ultimately became St. Lawrence’s Convent.

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In a serene, calm and quiet environment Siyane National School emits its pride as the only National school in the Dompe Educational Division. In a stimulating learning background, it does its selfless service to the students in the area and to the whole country through it.

This school was first established as Siyane English Class at Sri Priyadharshanarama in Palugama, Dompe in 1945.Then it was shifted to the current premises with the same name in 1945. The first building of the school was declared open in 1947. Then onwards it earned the statuses such as Maha Vidyalaya, cluster core school, National School status in 1996 and finally “1AB Super” in 2014. Among the important landmarks, Siyane National School respectfully regards the Independence celebration held on February 4, 1948 with the participation of Mr.S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike.

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In 1882, a school started under the name of “Daluwakotuwa Roman Catholic Boys’ School” in the Negombo Zone with Robert Perera as the first principal, today stands eminent as St. Anne’s Maha Vidyalaya with numerous achievements.

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Loyola College was founded at the Periyamulla village by S.V Fonseka with the noble aim of creating generations of virtuous Christians. He teamed up with his brother J.A.Fonseka to build Loyola College in a cadjan hut on February 2, 1949. There were 32 children and seven teachers. On a visit to Periyamulla, the late Thomas Cardinal Cooray noticed this school and invited the Fonseka brothers to establish the institution as a school in the Periyamulla Church premises. Accordingly, classes began in the building erected there and Sebastian Vincent Laus Fonseka who served as the Principal of Loyola College for 38 years, was indeed a brave and courageous man who always endeavored for the betterment of children’s education, yet remained a simple man himself. 


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At the period during which national education was needed and highlighted, St.Sebastian’s

Maha Vidyalaya was started in the 1870s. 

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Holy Cross College Gampaha, a leading educational institution in the country was declared open in 1928 with just seven pupils in the current premises of Holy Cross Church, Gampaha.Amelia M. Francis Pererawas the first principal, before the then-Archbishop of Colombo Dr. J. M Masson entrusted the school to theSisters of the Apostolic Carmelites.From then, under the guidance of the Carmelite nuns the school went onto become the vibrant institution it is now.

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Among the many schools located in Negombo and its suburbs, St. Peter’s College holds the honour of being its largest, with a student population of around 3500 today.

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D.S. Senanayake Central College, which is located in Mirigama in Gampaha, has seen thousands of students pass through its gates.

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