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Thirty young shooters -- 22 boys and eight girls -- achieved the 'Sharp Shooter' level at the Individual Qualifying Test held for schools of Central Province at Dharmaraja College in Kandy. Among those who achieved top status are predominantly five each from Dharmaraja College and Trinity College while Vidyartha College (4), St. Sylvester's College (3), Nugawela Central (2), Sri Chandrananda Buddhist School (2) and Sivanesvara Maha Vidyalaya Hunnasgiriya (1) from the Boy's Segment. The Girls' Segment was dominated by Swarnamali Girls' School with six shooters reaching Sharp Shooter while one each from Nugawela Central and Sivanesvara Maha Vidyalaya Hunnasgiriya were a part of it.

Sharp Shooters had to reach 80 percent of total marks or above from the given rounds at the test. In addition 12 boys and four girls achieved Merit status. A total of 104 competitors were selected to participate at the Central Province qualifying test after considering the individual performances throughout the year of 2016.
Simultaneously to the test, a coaching camp was conducted under the group supervision of national and international level qualified board of referees and coaches. - NA

Final Results (.177 cal Break Barrel Air Rifle/Air Pistol - 10m)

Girls Schools - 'Sharp Shooters' (Marks 80% and above)
1: R.V.D. Chiranthi Ranasinghe (Swarnamali GS Kandy)
2: R.M.T.K. Prabashi Rathnayake (Swarnamali GS Kandy)
3: R.M.A. Varsha Rathnayake (Swarnamali GS Kandy)
4: K.M.S. Arunika Kalingamudali (Swarnamali GS Kandy)
5: W.R.A.M. Hansika Gunathilake (Swarnamali GS Kandy)
6: S. Samindhya Ranasinghe (Swarnamali GS Kandy)
7: N.N. Rajapaksha (Nugawela Central College)
8: T. Moganu Ramani (Sivanesvara MV Hunnasgiriya)

Girls Schools - Merit Performers
1: H.P.G. Sandunika Wimalasena (Nugawela Central College)
2: P. Nagma (Sivanesvara MV Hunnasgiriya)
3: P.K.V.V. Pitiyakumbura (Swarnamali GS Kandy)
4: U.N. Thilakarathne (Swarnamali GS Kandy)

Boys Schools - 'Sharp Shooters' (Marks 80% and above)
1: B.N.G.S. Dilshan (Dharmaraja College)
2: S.K. Amunugama (Dharmaraja College)
3: M.W.H.B.N.B.B. Mahagedara (Dharmaraja College)
4: C.S.B. Wijayarathne (Dharmaraja College)
5: P.D.T.D. Bandulasena (Dharmaraja College)
6: H.M.S.D. Jayasundara (Trinity College)
7: D.W. Yee Chiang (Trinity College)
8: M.L. Weerasinghe (Trinity College)
9: P.V. Wijewardena (Trinity College)
10: C.L. Muthunayake (Trinity College)
11: N.V.T. Himansha Nethmina (Vidyartha College)
12: L.K.V. Bandara Kariyawasam (Vidyartha College)
13: A.G.Y. Hirushan Charles (Vidyartha College)
14: M.S.H. Mapatuna (Vidyartha College)
15: W.M.Y.N.K. Jayasekara (Nugawela Central College)
16: W.G.A.S.D. Bandara (Nugawela Central College)
17: R.R.M.B.M. Rajapaksha (St. Sylvester's College)
18: W.R.H.R.B. Welihinda (St. Sylvester's College)
19: K.L.K. Chiranga (St. Sylvester's College)
20: Sri Dushyanth (Sivanesvara MV Hunnasgiriya)
21: I.U. Malhengoda (Sri Chandananda Buddhist College Kandy)
22: K.G. Thilina Kumara (Sri Chandananda Buddhist College Kandy)

Boys Schools - Merit Performers
1: I.D. Karunarathna (Dharmaraja College)
2: D.W.M.S. Kumara (Dharmaraja College)
3: T.A.U.O. Thenuwara (Dharmaraja College)
4: H.P. Malshan (Trinity College)
5: T.S. Athauda (Trinity College)
6: D.M.N. Sangeeth Disanayaka (Vidyartha College)
7: K.G.B. Thalwadana (Nugawela Central College)
8: P.M.G.D.D. Kumarathunga (St. Sylvester's College)
9: W.A.S.T.W. Bandara (St. Sylvester's College)
10: W.S.P.P. de Silva (St. Sylvester's College)
11: D. Devinda Perera (Sri Chandananda Buddhist College Kandy)
12: S. Vigneshwaran (Sivanesvara MV Hunnasgiriya)

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