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Pegasus House display their class in no uncertain terms

Pegasus House emerged victorious at the 32nd annual Inter-House Swimming Meet of Wycherley International School which was held on February 3. Pegasus House won five categories out of a total of ten, showing their class in this year's meet.

By virtue, they accumulated 436 points and claimed the Mariam Iqbal Memorial Challenge Trophy for this year.

The participation of students of Wycherley for the annual meet was overwhelming. They turned out in numbers representing the four Houses Apollo, Athena, Triton and overall champs Pegasus.

The Meet commenced with athletes from all four Houses swimming one length of the pool with their respective House flags and returning to the starting point with bunches of helium filled, blue balloons. The Principal, Kingsley Jayasinghe then hoisted the national flag, while the Games Captain and House Captains hoisted the school flag and the respective House flags.

The Elementary Section kids also had their share of excitement during the 'Fun Time' and the events scheduled for UKG, Grade 1 and Grade 2.

Champions Pegasus House produced six champions in five categories at the event. The Open Boy's category was shared by three swimmers -- Tariq Haniff of Pegasus, Nishard Zainudeen of Athena and Shuhail Yaseen of Triton. Eemaan Reza Rafiq of Pegasus and Humairah Yousuf of Triton shared the championship in Open Girls' category.

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Garuka Colombage of Triton and Arukshan Pavalachandran of Apollo emerged joint champions in Under-16 Boy's while in the Girls' category of the same age group Amani Mohamed Ali of Athena and Seshani Jayakody of Triton shared the title. Pegasus swimmers Yakoob Ahamed and Chandula de Silva emerged joint winners in the Under-14 Boy's championship while its Girls' category too had two swimmers sharing the title. The winners were Minma Hennadige of Triton and Priyamwatha Ravindran of Pegasus.

Triton dominated the Under-12 age category when three of their swimmers reached the top list. Minuka Hennadige of Triton and Ahamed Mubeen of Apollo were joint champions in Boy's segment while Triton duo Hawra Hassan and Anoushki de Alwis shared the Girls' championship. Pegasus totally claimed the Under-10 age category dominance when Yenul de Silva won the Boy's title and Clovia Michael annexed the Girls' title. - NA

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