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Wadduwa Central College girls scored an easy 107-run victory over Mahanama Navodya Girls in their inaugural cricket match at the Panadura Esplanade on Thursday.

This inaugural girls’ big encounter with the blessings of Sri Lanka Cricket got off to a fine start when Mahanama Navodya skipper winning the toss and taking first lease of the wicket was given a sound start by openers by Savindi Nimalsha and Sachni Umega putting on 54 runs with both batters scoring 27 runs each.
Middle order batters failed to capitalise the start and lost their way half losing wickets regularly and were dismissed 109 runs off 22.3 overs. Only Hiruni Sachitra showed any confidence against the off spinner to score a patient 21. Hasini Sawindya, a right arm off spinner bowling to a nagging length rattled the Mahanama batters to claim 5 for 26 off 9 overs.

Chasing the victory target the experienced Wadduwa Central lasses were spearheaded by a fine batting display by Sri Lanka Under 15 cricketer Navodya Nethmi who missed a well deserved century to remain unbeaten on 93. Nethmi living upto her reputation played a masterly inning guiding her side to pass the Navodya school total in a 165 delivery inning with 14 hits to the ropes. She was involved two fruitful partnerships first 51 runs for the fourth with Tharushi Gayathri (17) and secondly 69 runs for the 7th wicket with Dinushi Dananjana. Wadduwa Central scored 216 coming off in 51.4 overs.

Mahanama opening bowler Savibdi Nimalsha along with off spinner Ayodya Sardha were the pick of bowlers to claim 3 for 41 and 3 for 40 respectively but it was tall lanky Sanduni Lakmali with a fine action troubled the batters working out a good pace and bounce off the wicket. If Sanduni concentrated more on line and length the Wadduwa lasses would have found run scoring tough. – Lakshman Ranasinghe

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Mahanama Navodya Girls School
Savindi Nimalsha b. Hasini Sawindya 27
Sachni Umega b. Tharushi Sanjana 27
Thulakshi Sansala ct. Akshala b. Hasini Sawindya 06
Ayodha Sardha c & b Hasini Sawindya 00
Irosha Madubashini b Nethmi Poorna 05
Sanduni Lakmali c Dinushi b Hasini Sawindya 00
Hiruni Sachitra b Nethmi Poorna 21
Rukshi Sudeshika c Poorna b Hasini Savindya 01
Chanchala Dewmi run out (Hasini) 03
Kaveesha Madushani b Dewanga Jayatilleke 06
Piumi Rasmika not out 01

Extras: 12
Total (22.3 overs) 109
Fall of wickets: 1-54, 2-70, 3-70, 4-73, 5-73, 6-78, 7-81, 8-100, 9-106

Nethmi Poorna 7.3-0-35-2
Dinushi Dananjana 2 -0-20-0
Hasini Sawindya 9-0-26-5
Tharushi Sanjana 2-0-16-1
Navodya Nethmini 1-0-4-0
Dewanga Jayatilleke 1-0-6-0


Wadduwa Central Girls School

Ishani Hansika lbw b Sanduni Lakmal 25
Nethmi Poorna c Thilakshi b Savindi Nimalsha 01
Tharushi Sanjana run out (Sachini) 01
Navodya Nethmi not out 93
Tharushi Gayathri lbw b Savindi Nimalsha 17
Hasini Savindya lbw b Savindi Nimalsha 10
Akshala Kalshani lbw b Ayodha Sardha 01
Dinushi Dananjana lbw b Ayodha Sardha 24
Chamini Nirasha run out 00
Manohari Nisansala b Thulakshi Sansala 01
Dewanga Jayatilleke b Ayodha Sardha 00

Extras: 42
Total (51.4) 216
Fall of wickets: 1-6, 2-12, 3-57, 4-108, 5-129, 6-131, 7-200, 8-200, 9-215
Sanduni Lakmal 12-2-36-1
Savindi Nimalsha 10-6-41-3
Sachni Umanga 06-0-31-0
Ayodha Sardha 12.4-0-40-3
Chanchala Dewmi 06-1-28-0
Hiruni Sachitra 04-0-22-0
Tulakshi Sanala 01-1-0-1


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