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Government has decided to include Bribery and Corruption as subjects in school syllabuses said, Education Minister Akila Virja Kariyawasam.

He said that, under the plan, the theme will be included from Grade 6 upwards, in addition to carrying out anti-corruption campaigns among schoolchildren.

"The objective is to educate children about the anti-corruption drive and ensure that children are knowledgeable about its effects," he said.

Already, discussions have been held with the Bribery Commission to conduct the programme in schools.

Commissioner, Neville Guruge told Education Times, they also hope to issue a handbook on the Anti-bribery campaign.

He said it will deal with the laws and penalties imposed on persons found guilty of bribery.

He said there were also plans to introduce it into universities as well, in the future.

Mr Guruge said they hope to recognise children who are victorious at contests to promote anti-corruption drives.

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