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The Education Ministry has commenced distribution of school uniform material to children affected by floods, while continuing to provide other relief to the affected, said a ministry official.

The Education Ministry has advised school canteens to refrain from selling food with a high content of sugar, salt, and oil, and carbonated drinks likely to be harmful to the students' health.

The Education Ministry, along with the Food & Agricultural Organisation (FAO) and the World Food Programme ( WFP) will encourage School Gardens (SG) islandwide to promote healthy diets within households.

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Twenty-year-old Nirma Kumarasiri, an undergrad of the University of South Florida (USF) and a past student of Colombo International School (CIS), has been chosen to represent his university at an international forum.(--)

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Principals and parents got together recently and staged a protest before the Gampaha Zonal Education Director's office, against the transfer of the Gampaha Zonal Education Director.

The Sri Lanka Law College ( SLLC), in association with The Law Students' Union of Sri Lanka ( LSU) is scheduled to host the first National Law Students' Conference on July 2&3 at the SLLC.

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Minister of State for Higher Education (HE), Mohan Lal Grero said the Ministry plans to develop the HE sector by addressing 4 major issues.

The Katunayake Institute of Engineering Technology (IET) is to be upgraded with Austrian funding on concessionary terms.

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University Academics are to submit proposals and provide expert support on resettling people displaced by landslides in the Aranayake area.

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Schoolchildren affected by the recent floods and landslides will be gifted with relief packages of books, education material and footwear among other items.