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It goes without saying that the UK’s higher education system is world famous. From shaping government policy to working with artists and scientists and affecting every aspect of lifein the UK.

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A new partnership has been formed between European and African researchers to develop an AIDS vaccine that can be used to prevent infection with different strains of HIV worldwide.

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Shine as a leader and powerful public speaker

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Slipping with their fulminous flippers,

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Qualified physiotherapists can work in a wide range of community and hospital settings and have a high professional demand worldwide.

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Biomedical Sciences programs are specifically designed for students who are interested in the Biological Sciences and its practical applications, particularly in the areas of health care and research.

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A new Professional Programme for accountants and managers in the hotel and tourism industry was launched by the Institute of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka (CMA) and the Sri Lanka Institute of Hospitality & Tourism Management (SLITHM) in December 2016.

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The purpose of this article is to put forward some ideas to help with the teaching of addition.

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The Sri Lankan Alumni from Swinburne University of Technology gathered at a reunion cocktail at the Nawaloka College of Higher Studies (NCHS).

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Seven eminent figures from the fields of law, history, architecture, medicine, science and music will be awarded honorary degrees from Oxford University this summer, subject to approval by Congregation.

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Offering a staggering 50% scholarship on Information Technology and Software Engineering programs, the Lanka Nippon BizTech Institute (LNBTI) is leading the way in making higher education accessible for all

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While the Potter books have been published in at least 70 linguists and dialects, it is surely the first time one of the books has been translated line-by-line into many different languages.

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The world is constantly adopting to new technology creating with them new career opportunities. As the worldwide demand for broadband increases, the need for high speed data transmission is apparent, hence creating a market for fiber optic technology.

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HRMI in partnership with Pearson Edexcel UK and University of Northampton UK offers anamazing opportunity to complete a Business Management, HR or an International Tourism Management degree at a fraction of a price when compared to pursuing the same degree in UK.

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The Colombo YMBA Scholarship Awards Ceremony for Undergraduates & AL Students was successfully concluded on 28th January, 2017. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Prof Asanga Thilakeratne founder of the Pali & Buddhist Affairs Section at the University of Colombo.

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Understanding the world we live in, is an essential part in fostering an internationally minded student. The IB curriculum followed by the Overseas School of Colombo nurtures students

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Preparing a workforce that can attain the health objectives of a country is one of it’s formidable challenges. To achieve this, the right kind of personnel is required that has the relevant diversity and competencies. However the stringent methodology of selection

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Despite the large number of students sitting for A/Ls every year, only a handful of them receive the privilege of entering the local Universities. Most students become disheartened or discouraged but what they do not know is that

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Imperial College of Business Studies (ICBS), today is known for its quality driven programs, degrees and MBA’s and its experience and highly qualified panel of internationally qualified lecturers with real world experience, selected through a rigorous

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Breaking boundaries in education, under the ANC Northwood University (NU) Program, Nishad Ismail, a second-year student of ANC Education has undertaken a quadruple major degree in International Business, Finance, Management and Marketing

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On February 14th Emperor Claudius decided to end my life. My death was by beating, stoning and then being beheaded. I was a Roman priest and a doctor. There was a time when Claudius the cruel

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The American Project Management Institute (PMI) is the highest recognized Project Management Qualification across the world. PMI qualifications are accepted by well over 200 countries. PMI has established Chapters globally in different countries. The Sri Lankan Chapter is with the Project Management Institute of Colombo.

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The number of European graduate students enrolling at US universities rose by 8 per cent in the year to autumn 2016, the largest increase in at least the past five years, according to new data from the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS).

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Saegis University Campus, Nugegoda, which is renowned for quality education and its affiliations with prestigious International Universities in England, Scotland, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai announced this weeka number of full-scholarships and up to 50% fee-reductions (half-scholarships) for students who enroll in their respective study programs on or before 21st February 2017.

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Coconut is one of the major export crops in Sri Lanka and a seminar on “ Coconut Products : Quality and Impact on Health & Economy” will be conducted by the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon at its headquarters at 341/22, Kotte Road, Welikada, Rajagiriya on 20 th Feb 2017 from 8.30 am .