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The English   for Young Learners courses with international benchmarks of the United Kingdom, conducted at the Rainbow Institute of Communication and English, (www.rainbow.lk) offer a unique opportunity for children and teenagers to enhance their communication skills in English and develop their personalities. Students are also able to obtain prestigious   internationally acclaimed certification from City and Guilds, UK and Cambridge English, from Cambridge University, UK.

The institute is located   at No 44/1,   Haig Road, Bambalapitya. It   is led by a group of Sri Lankans with strong professional and academic credentials.  The team is committed to empower children, youth and adults with communication skills in English.


The   Young Learners courses are offered to 3 age groups. Namely, 5- 9 years, 10-14 years and 15- 20 years.

The sessions are activity based and fun- filled, weaving in music and song too to enhance the learning experience, in keeping with the latest international methodology adopted in the UK. A special feature is blending of general knowledge, current affairs and value education in the teaching of English Communication skills.


“I enjoy my sessions at Rainbow so much. I developed a lot of confidence and skill in public speaking after I joined. My sister and I got the courage to enter the impromptu speech competition in our school. We were overjoyed when both of us were adjudged winners of the first and second places. Subsequently I took part in the inter school English poetry competition at zonal level. I won first place. I then took part in the Western province inter school English Speech competition. I won first place in that too!” exclaimed 12-year old Keshiya Johnson, of Colombo South International School.

“Our qualified and experienced instructors are committed to support each individual  child  to develop his or her creativity,  confidence and leadership traits,  whilst  developing their communication skills in English”, stated Manique Mendis, Executive Director. .


“In order to enhance the English learning environment of our students in their own homes, we are pleased to offer a spoken English class free of charge to parents who accompany their children for Young Learners classes on Tuesdays. We are delighted that parents who follow these classes, most of them, mothers, enjoy themselves thoroughly whilst improving their communication skills in English”, said Dr Mahim Mendis, Chief Educational Advisor

The Young Learners courses are scheduled for Tuesdays 3-5 pm and Saturdays, 11.00 am – 1.00 pm (8-14 years) and Saturdays 9- 11 am (15 years and above) In order to provide individualized attention, classes are confined to small groups. A few vacancies remain. Don’t delay. Book your place now.

Call 0777 352118 or 4 380 400

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