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Keepyour step forward to a world class university in Europe with the hope of shining as a Doctor, an Engineer, a Director or a CEO in the Fields of:

Business Management
Many more

We have identified that the Latvia is the Best Ideal Place for Sri Lankan Students to get Valuable Higher Education in the Above Fields for a Low Cost Just as 2500EURO/YEAR:

Benefits that you will receive by studying in EU through Grand Royal Education:
 Schengen Visa
 Student Resident Permit
 No IELTS needed
 Study and Work
 Course Fee starting from just as 2500 euros
 Special discount up to 50% for Transportation, Food and Entertainment etc.
 Student loan facilities
 No need of huge bank balances
 Minimum documentation needed
 Will be able to Study, work and settle in Europe.

Grand Royal Education will also offer:

 20%off from the 02nd Years fee at Riga Stradins University for early Registration.
 Up to50%Discount on the Service fee for early Registration.
 Up to50%Discount on Good result Achievers.

A Free Seminar will be conducted on

On Saturday,08th October 2016
From 10.00am onwards
at Colombo City Hotel
The Seminar will be conducted by:
Prof. IgorsTipans – Vice Rector of Riga Technical University, Riga, Latvia.
Mr. Zane Purlaura - International Director Riga Technical University, Riga, Latvia.
Mr. Imants Bergs - Vice Rector for Study Development and International Relation, Turiba University, Riga, Latvia.

During the seminar you will be rewarded with:
• Huge Discount
• Scholarship Opportunities
• Special Discounts


Shoot for the Moonbut always remember Even If you miss the shot, you will land among the Shining Stars….!!!!

Universities that we offers for your Higher Education:

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 Riga Technical University, Latvia.
 Turiba University, Latvia.
 Riga Stradins University, Latvia.

Riga Technical University, Latvia.

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Riga Technical University is one of the largest university in the European Union. They are located in the heart of Riga, the capital city of Latvia. RTU is the only Engineering University, providing engineering programs and Business Studies in Latvia. RTU Bachelor, Mater and Doctoral degrees are recognized across the globe and they have been awarded “European University Quality Mark” and “EU Diploma supplement” label.

Their education is accessible to international students due to affordable tuition fees and moderate costs of living. The tuition fees and other expenses for the students of RTU are very low compared to most other European Universities. All the degree programs offered in RTU are fully English Medium
Riga Technical University offers newly furnished dormitory building which is located in walking distance from all campus buildings, shopping malls, sports facilities, catering, parks, bus and trolley stops for their students.

****In Riga Technical Universitythe tuition fee is starting from just as 2900 USD/year. The cost of living all-inclusive will be from 400 USD/month. There are two intakes for the University – autumn and spring.

Turiba University, Latvia.

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Turiba University is one of the leading higher education institution in Latvia with established traditions and clear vision of common European higher education area. Now Turiba offers studies to over 4000 students from many countries. This University is one of the leading Tourism education institute in Northern Europe.

TuribaUniversity offers a new computerized modern access library. University also has fully equipped modern sports hall for their students and used for basketball, volleyball and other sport training and matches. They also rich in varied choice of dishes in two two catering canteens “Nike-E” and “Café Turiba”

Turiba University Students can avail accommodation at the student hostel, where students not only study together but also cook meals together and spend time together making friends from around the world. This hostel has 152 comfortable well equipped rooms, silent reading room, recreation room with TV, computer room with work station and free WI-FI acess, game room, self-service laundry, hairdresser’s, dentist and many more facilities.

Turiba University has following 04 Major Study Areas:

 Business Administration
 Law
 International Tourism
 Communication

Riga Stradins University, Latvia

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Riga Stradins University is the leading medical and healthcare university in the Latvia having over 25 years of experience in educating the international students of multicultural.
They do excellent pre – clinical training and they do maintain student oriented learning with balanced student – teacher ratio.
RSU also provide state-of-the-art medical education training equipment like “ANATOMICUM” with “cadavers”. More importantly the Degree and the Diplomas they offer is been recognized World Wide. In RSU the fees and cost of living is very reasonable when compared to most of the other universities in Europe.
More importantly the degree the Degree is recognized all over the world.

Quick Review on Riga Stradins University

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Team Grand Royal will:
 Give proper guidance to the students to visualize their dream to become a world class Graduate.
 Proper guidance to choose the right path, right university and the right field.
 Facilitates Visa Processing and Educational Loans.
 All travel arrangements from Sri Lanka to the University.
 Grand Royal’s representative will guide and assist the students from the university to complete admission procedure and also ensure safe accommodation.
 Grand Royal will continue to assist the students till they graduate from these world class universities.

For your convenience Grand Royal Education is located in the Heart of Colombo.

Level 06, East Low Block, World Trade Center, Colombo 01.

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Hotlines: 076 8447444
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