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BSc (Cey); MSc (Lond); DIC; FRSC; FIChemC; CChem

The members of the ICHEMC were deeply saddened to learn about the death of Mr T Kandasamy, coming as it did on the heels of the demise of Mrs Y. Mahesan, another past President of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon (ICHEMC). [A letter of appreciation of Mrs Y Mahesan was published in the newspapers a few weeks ago]. Mr T Kandasamy was one of the distinguished past Presidents of the ICHEMC.

Late MrKandasamywas one of the pioneers/founding fathers of the Chemical Society Ceylon[established in 1941], predecessor to the ICHEMC. He retired as Government Analyst way back in 1986 and also served as President of ICHEMC in 1979. His dedicated and committed services to the ICHEMC was recognized when he was presented with the distinguished service award in 1999.

He made a huge contribution to ICHEMC, silently and unobtrusively, a rare feature in this day and age. What he and his contemporaries did then to establish the GraduateshipProgrammein Chemistry (GIC) is beyond comparison; those were hard days but they left no stone unturned in association with the late Prof J.N.O Fernando to bring the ICHEMC to what it is today.

Mr.Kandasamy obtained his BSc (Chemistry Special) from the University of Ceylon in 1950 and the MSc from the Imperial College of Science and Technology (UK) in the field of Food and Drugs. He also held the Mastership in Chemical Analysis from the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) UK. He was a Fellow and Chartered Chemist of both the RSC and ICHEMC

Having joined the Government Analyst’s department in 1951, he rose to the top position of Government Analyst before retiring in 1986. He was actively involved in many Food Control activities, having served as a member of the Food Advisory Committee in the Ministry of Health for over 40 years.

He was UN National Consultant in Chemical Analysis from 1997 – 1998. He was responsible for setting up a new, fully equipped Food Laboratory at Anuradhapura and in upgrading the similar facility at Kalutara. He also worked as UN National Consultant at the National Building Research Organization from 1988- 1992 in the Pollution Control Laboratory and the Landslide Hazard Project.

He took an active part in the work of the Sri Lanka Standard Institution (SLSI), serving in many committees connected with Quality and Standards.

He played a significant and active role in developing the Chemical Society Ceylon and the ICHEMC, its successor. Here too he served in many committees, including the Admissions and Ethical Practices Committee and, as its Chairman at one time. He was a long standing Council Member of ICHEMC, was its Vice President in 1978 and then, become its President in 1979. He was instrumental in writing the 40 year History of the Chemical Society and ICHEMC.

MrKandasamy was a visiting lecturer for the MSc programme in Analytical Chemistry University of Colombo, from the time of its commencement till 2006. He was also the coordinator for the Environmental Chemistry Unit of this course till 2006. He was involved in the drawing up the syllabus for the Food Science and Technology unit in the GIC programme at ICHEMC.

There will be much more to write about the late MrKandasamy; time and space does not allow me to do so. We are greatly indebted to the late MrKandasamy for his dedicated and committed, loyal services to ICHEMC that has brought ICHEMC to its present prestigious position in Sri Lanka and abroad.

He was living with his children in Canada at the time of his demise. On behalf of the Council, Staff and members of the ICHEMC, I would like to extend our heartfelt condolences and deepest sympathies to his children in Canada


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