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Coconut is one of the major export crops in Sri Lanka and a seminar on “ Coconut Products : Quality and Impact on Health & Economy” will be conducted by the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon at its headquarters at 341/22, Kotte Road, Welikada, Rajagiriya on 20 th Feb 2017 from 8.30 am .

In beauty and utility no other tree can surpass the coconut tree. It is the most extensively grown nut in the world, the most important palm. It provides people’s basic needs such as food, drink, shelter, fuel, furniture, medicine, decorative materials and much more. They are a necessity and a luxury. It is the "heavenly tree", "tree of life", "tree of abundance" and "nature's supermarket."

During the Seminar, presentations will be made by expert resource persons on the such as
“Coconuts and products, and the revival of coconut industry in Sri Lanka , Chemistry of coconut products and their deterioration, Methods of extraction and the quality of coconut oil, Quality control and quality assurance of coconut products, Benefits of coconut products for consumer & economy, Health benefits of coconut oil  and other coconut products, Importance of coconut oil in medical nutrition therapy, Coconut oil in cosmetic industry   and Policies & regulatory mechanism towards development of coconut product  and sustain the market” 

Further information can be obtained from The Deputy Registrar, Institute of Chemistry, Ceylon, at the above address. Telephone 2861653

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N.I.N.S Nadarasa
Registrar ICHEMC/ CCS

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