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Breaking boundaries in education, under the ANC Northwood University (NU) Program, Nishad Ismail, a second-year student of ANC Education has undertaken a quadruple major degree in International Business, Finance, Management and Marketing. Being an ambitious and extremely diligent student, he also aspires to transfer to Northwood University in Michigan, USA to take on another subject specialization in Automotive Marketing Management to expand his knowledge and have better career prospects.

Nishad is an individual who has been balancing his academic studies as well as co-curricular and extra-curricular activities amazingly well. He acts as the Director of Club Service of the ANC Roteract Club and as a member of the Psychology Club, Business Club and the Charity Club of ANC while maintaining his grades well above the average. For being an outgoing student actively involved in many ANC clubs and societies, Nishad has been elected as the President of the ANC Business Club for this academic year, proving his leadership skills and commitment.

As a child, Nishad aimed a career in medicine and opted to do his studies in Bio Science stream for A/Levels at Royal College, Colombo. However, he realized the competitive nature and complexities to enter a state university medical faculty in Sri Lanka - and was discouraged by the long years of waiting to complete the medical degree before one actually starts a career as a doctor. After giving much thought and consideration, he decided to shift his subject field to business – a field with the most promising and futuristic jobs both in Sri Lanka as well as around the globe. Unlike many typical Sri Lankan parents, Nishad’s parents also understood the nature of the job market, and encouraged his decision to pursue his studies in the business stream. His father, being an Executive Administrator of Toyata Lanka (Pvt) Ltd was well aware of the diverse and competitive nature of the business world - and motivated his son to enroll in the US university degree program at ANC, as it offered direct transcripts from NU, USA – which he knew would add more value to his son’s degree qualification.

Below are the excerpts from the interview with Nishad…

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What made you enroll in the ANC NU degree program?

ANC’s partner Northwood University is a globally recognized leading business university ranked amongst the top-class higher education providers in the US. ANC gives local students access to such high quality international education for an affordable price. Being in the education industry for so many years, ANC has gained recognition as a reliable education partner. My parents also sought advice from CEOs and Directors of various successful corporate organizations before starting my business degree. We received positive feedback from them about ANC.

What made you choose a BBA with multiple majors?

My target is to one day join a managerial position at a multinational corporation. For that purpose, I need to gain an overall knowledge and global perspective in business. Majors such as Marketing, Management, Finance and International Business offer a wider perspective and expand my choices in terms of career.

Why have you chosen to transfer to NU in Michigan, USA to undertake another subject major?

Foreign exposure in a country like America is very important for my field of study. Most of the leading companies in Sri Lanka as well as in the rest of the world are American companies. They have a huge market share around the world. More or less 80% of multinational companies in the world are either US companies or partnered or handled by US companies. The USA education system is also known to be the best in the world with at least 7 to 8 US universities in the top 10 universities in the world. An American degree and exposure entitle you to a high-scale salary and recognition around the world.

How do you describe student activities at ANC?

ANC provides a good platform for students to engage in extracurricular activities and interact with each other. I am delighted to be able to play an active role in many ANC clubs and to be elected as the President of the Business Club this year.

What plans do you have for the future?

I plan to transfer to NU in Michigan in 2019 to specialize in Automotive Marketing Management. I will most certainly will be able to find internships and work opportunities in the USA after graduation. I also wish to continue my postgraduate studies at NU. Later, I will join a multinational company in the USA to gain relevant experience and exposure to have a successful career in the corporate.

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