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Despite the large number of students sitting for A/Ls every year, only a handful of them receive the privilege of entering the local Universities. Most students become disheartened or discouraged but what they do not know is that there are plenty of other options right at their doorstep. For those who studied in the stream of Biology for their A/L can now choose a path to study Medicine overseas.

In Sri Lanka, SLMC (Sri Lanka Medical Council) is the only body which recognizes the foreign Medical degrees and the Medical graduates. Students who complete the MBBS/MD in SLMC recognized Universities can register under the SLMC and work as a Doctor in Sri Lanka. Students who studied in universities which are not recognized by SLMC, cannot register in SLMC and work as a Doctor in Sri Lanka.

What is SLMC recognized Medical Degree?

Medical Universities should fulfill certain basic criteria to be recognized by the SLMC as well as overseas Medical Councils. These criteria include the duration of the program, the curriculum, staff and facilities in the university, rich clinical facilities, teaching hospitals, and the location of the University. Our representative Russian State Medical Universities surpasses all those criteria with flying colors. Further, our universities have world class facilities which are highlycommendable and not available for students in certain developing countries.

Students who apply for other countries like India, Malaysia, China are compelled to pay up to 50% of the fees up front. This is due to the fact that many students who enroll in such programmes return to Sri Lanka since they simply cannot tolerate with high hidden cost, hostels, education environment and other education facilities because most of the Universities are private and profit oriented. Many agents do not show the exact total amount and parents think as it is the only amount to pay and at the end, they struggle to overcome the situation but they cannot turn back.

What is Russian Educational Centre (REC)?

Russian Educational Center (REC) together with Cultural Section of the Russian Embassy (Russian Centre in Colombo) is Sri Lanka’s leading Medical University placement provider with affiliations to some of the world’s top Russian State Medical universities. Over the last decade REC has placed hundreds of Sri Lankan students in various Medical universities in Russia. Hundreds of medical doctors employed in Sri Lanka and overseas are a testimony about the success of Russian Educational Center.

Why Foreign Medical Graduates fail ERPM?

The ERPM pass rates will give a proper assessment about the quality of education and suitability of such foreign graduates to Sri Lankan medical system. According to many examiners, one of the main weaknesses of such Medical graduates is the lack of keenness and interest towards Medicine. A good understanding of Medical education concepts with a passion towards Medical profession is a must to any doctor. But REC gives the ERPM guidance while students are studying in the university and they do not need to waste time after coming back to Sri Lanka and we are proud to announce that our students pass the ERPM exam at the first attempt and work in the Sri Lankan government sector as well as many other countries.

What is the minimum Cost?

Students can start with 750 000 LKR ( including university fees, hostel , medical insurance, air ticket and arrangements) and get the availability of paying in installments and Russian government fund the universities as the government is not profit oriented from selling the education like other countries. On top of all these facts, a medical degree from a worldwide recognized medical university is more affordable. Medical degree from these medical universities are very affordable and parents have the option of making payments on annual or semester basis. The moderate tuition fees with affordable living cost makes our universities as the best investments for students and parents seeking high quality medical education.

What is the Medium of education?

Students can study in English medium in our representative universities and many international students are coming to the Universities in Russia such as India, China, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Syria, Europe, Australia including 40 other countries.

What are the SLMC recognized Russian State Medical Universities?

You can visit the SLMC web site – http://www.srilankamedicalcouncil.org/foreignuniversity.php
and check the recognition of any university at Sri Lanka Medical Council.
Among them following are the best destinations for majority of Sri Lankans.

• Kursk State Medical University (Russia)
• Tver State medical University ( Russia)
• Gomel State Medical University (Belarus)

What are the other Global recognitions of the above universities?

AMC (Australia), GMC (UK), ECFMG (USA/Canada), as well as WHO ( World Health Organization).
Visit www.amc.org.au (Australia), www.gmc-org.uk (UK) www.ecfmg.org (USA/Canada) to check the recognition of these countries.

What are the Services given by Russian Educational Centre?

REC is accredited by the above Medical Universities as their official representative in Sri Lanka. Whether you need help with choosing your Medical University or support with visa and other important documentation processing, REC offers a comprehensive array of services from the beginning to the end including choosing the right university, reserving air tickets, airport welcoming and transportation, finding the best accommodation, student loans, getting medical insurance, health inspections, document translating and attesting, students monitoring topped with immediate progress reports to parents/guardians, as well as university orientation. REC takes the responsibility of the student till the completion of the degree and it offers the guidance after degree completion to enter the world of professionals in any part of the world.

How and when can students apply?

According to the SLMC, a student should get 2C, 1 S( 2 credit passes and 1 simple pass) to register under the SLMC to work as a Doctor in Sri Lanka and other Pre Medical Courses of any Foundations courses are not recognized by the SLMC and no one can get the eligibility only with O/L exams.

REC is looking forward to assist prospective students to make their medical dream come true and accepts applications from students who aspire to become medical doctors. Students are advised to apply as soon as possible due to the limited number of opportunities.

Students and parents are requested to contact 0711- 80 80 80, 0711- 70 70 70

or log on to www.russianec.comfor more information.

Also they can visit REC office at Russian Cultural centre, No:10, Independence Avenue, Colombo 07
or Russian Educational Centre (REC), no. 15/3, rotary hall, Samudradevi mw, Nugegoda, for an individual Free counseling session about medical degree programs, course fee, scholarships, etc.
Now registrations have started for the September Intake 2017 and obtain more details through the Hotlines. 0711- 80 80 80
0711- 70 70 70
0711- 60 60 60


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