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Preparing a workforce that can attain the health objectives of a country is one of it’s formidable challenges. To achieve this, the right kind of personnel is required that has the relevant diversity and competencies. However the stringent methodology of selection into the Medical College in Sri Lanka has deprived many talented students the opportunity to study for a medical degree on their home ground that has also resulted in a shortage of personnel in the profession. This has also given rise to the term “medical tourism” that refers to the increasing tendency for patients to seek better options overseas in terms of treatment.

In the face of such difficulties faced by the government in meeting the ever-expanding demands of increasing populations and healthcare needs in the country , private medical schools has the potential to contribute towards catering and generating to meet the increasing demand for qualified personnel that will eventually benefit the healthcare industry in the country.

Over the past two decades there has been a significant increase in the privatization of medical education and this trend is evident globally. With medical education being in private hands, some of them has transpired to be of the most impressive kind, such as Johns Hopkins which has produced some of the best doctors in the world.

Following this trend and with their aim of helping to generate the best medical talent in the requisite numbers to the nation, Horizon Education Consultancy recently forged an affiliation with Zhengzhou University in China to offer their globally reputed medical degrees to the students of Sri Lanka.

The Medical College of Zhengzhou University is an influenced institution of high level on teaching, scientific research and medical care in the world. It has six clinical colleges, 9 large-scale affiliated hospitals with over 12,000 hospital beds, a clinical medical key subject of open laboratory, 11 research institutes and 32 professional laboratories.

Thesix clinical colleges include Basic Medical College, Clinical Medical College, College of Public Health, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Stomatology and Department of Medical Examination College, and Department of Clinical Medicine, which covers over 40 specialties of the five categories.
The MBBS curriculum comprise of 12 semesters spreading over six years, and is designed to emphasize and integrate the key areas of medical studies .These include Human Biology in Health and Disease, Diagnostic, Clinical Management, Population Health and Health Services, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology, Preventive Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics-gynecology and Pediatrics, all coupled with a one year internship.

At present, Zhengzhou University has an enrollment of over 56,000 full-time undergraduates and 15,000 full-time postgraduates enrolled from all over China as well as 1,600 international students from over 60 countries and regions.

The University is recognized by WHO and the graduates of the MBBS program are eligible to take the Medical Licensing Examinations held by the medical councils in different countries .This includes Sri Lanka, as the qualification is accredited by the Medical Council of Sri Lanka (SLMC) giving Sri Lankan students the opportunity to obtain their ERPM(Examination for registration to practice medicine)in Sri Lanka upon returning to their home countries.

Commenting on this partnership,The Dean of Zhengzhou University said

It is with great pleasure that I am sending this message to the seminar organised by our local partner for Sri Lanka, HORIZON EDUCATION CONSULTANCY in collaboration with Zhengzhou University, China as I am unable to be there in person.

Our University/ medical school is almost in existence for nearly 100 years (Since 1928) and we are expanding internationally every year. We will be delighted to have more Sri Lankan students in addition to the ones we have already. Most of the Sri Lankan students have done very well in their academic work and other extracurricular activities. As the Dean International of Zhengzhou University I would like to take this opportunity to invite more Sri Lankan students to join our medical faculty and gain a world recognised MBBS degree form a reputed University from China.

During this seminar you will be able to obtain better understanding about Zhengzhou University / medical school and how the course (MBBS) is conducted. I wish you all success in your future education and look forward to receive you at ZHENGZHOU UNIVERSITY soon.

Mr. UpulDaranagama from Horizon Education Consultancy stated “the promotion of education has no boundaries. It is therefore a very encouraging practicefor educational institutions to collaborate with relevant universities to enhance the availability of quality programs of those disciplines that are scarce in a particular country, and this is what we aim to do with our partnership with Zhengzhou University. We hope to make this medical degree a platform to help strengthen the capacity of Sri Lanka’s qualified medical workforce to respond to the major health challenges facing the country. “

Currently Horizon education consultancy is accepting applications for its next session. They also facilitate in providing counseling sessions to students to guide them regarding the most suitable program.

To get more information please call Ajitha0710 351 777 orvisit:www. horizoneducationconsultancy.com

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