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Understanding the world we live in, is an essential part in fostering an internationally minded student. The IB curriculum followed by the Overseas School of Colombo nurtures students to become global citizens with a strong sense of identity of their own culture as well as an understanding of other cultures, especially that of the Host Culture. Therefore, the school takes steps, through their curriculum, to expose students to celebrate cultural perspectives or learn about issues that are significant locally.

The 10-year-old Grade 5 students planned and hosted the assembly to celebrate the 69th Independence Day of Sri Lanka, which was of special significance in their unit of inquiry ‘Where we are in Place and Time’. The key feature or central idea in this unit was, ‘’Human Movement is a response to risks, challenges and opportunities.” Organizing the assembly was a way of showcasing their learning during this unit. The students collaborated with the rest of the OSC community to bring out the influences of colonialism; and acknowledged the national pride and aspects of natural beauty of Sri Lanka.Hence, the theme for the occasion: Sri Lanka - 69 years of glorious freedom!

It was an honour to have Sarinda Unamboowe as the chief guest, who was the chief organizer of the Trail charity walk, and to highlight the special significance of Trail, unifying and bringing together people of all ethnicities and backgrounds for one common cause. Kumar Sangakkara, the Brand Ambassador for Trail, also graced the occasion as Guest of Honour.

The children worked in 7 different committees: to design the invitation, create a programme of events, develop a slideshow presentation, plan the seating and event location, make decorations, write the script, and organize the performances. We had all stakeholders of the OSC community involved in the assembly – students, teachers, parents, board members, maintenance staff, etc. From traditional songs and dances, a cultural parade of birds of Sri Lanka, to traditional drumming and cultural dancing, and of course the baila, the Grade 5 students did a splendid job in bringing the OSC community together to celebrate this important event in Sri Lanka’s history.

OSC is regarded the most prestigious international school in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Founded in 1957, OSC remains Sri Lanka's oldest internationally accredited educational institution. It is the only school in Sri Lanka to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme from Pre-school to Grade 12. At OSC parents and teachers partner in working together to create the kind of environment where children not only learn, but thrive.

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