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The Colombo YMBA Scholarship Awards Ceremony for Undergraduates & AL Students was successfully concluded on 28th January, 2017. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Prof Asanga Thilakeratne founder of the Pali & Buddhist Affairs Section at the University of Colombo.

This year the Colombo YMBA was successful in awarding a record number of Scholarships to a total of 341 Undergraduates and 75 GCE AL Students and the total Scholarships Award value amounts to over Rs 6.50 million.

All University students are from the government Samurdhi funded beneficiary families attached to State Universities following courses in Engineering, Medicine, Management, Arts, Agriculture, Law, Accounting, Science etc. The applicants are individually interviewed by the Colombo YMBA TRUST FUNDS & SKILLS DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE headed by the Branch Secretary to the Committee Mr Anura Serasingha. The AL students are from nine neighboring Schools of the Colombo YMBA, namely Ananda College, Nalanda College, Ananda Balika Vidyalaya, Devi Balika Vidyalaya, Gothami Balika Vidyalaya, Yashodara Balika Vidyalaya, D.S. Senanayake College, Ratnaveli Balika Vidyalaya & Susamayawardhana Vidyalaya as well as Students from Kataragama Janadhipathy Vidyalaya & and Sella Katharagama Maha Vidyalaya and these AL students are all recommended by the respective Principals of the Schools.

Major funding arranged through the Colombo YMBA to these bright & deserving students are allocated mainly from Dr D. J. Attygalle Trust Fund, Matilda Hewavisenthi Trust Funds, Sir Baron Jayatilleke Trust Fund, Sir Cyril De Zoysa Trust Fund, L.R. Gunetilleke Trust Fund, Welcome Break UK Sunami Trust Fund and few other Trust Funds established by the Colombo YMBA with substantial monetary Contributions made by various individuals and these Trust Funds are established under their individual names. In addition for the year 2017 Scholarship Awards several individuals living in Sri Lanka and overseas also made valuable contributions undertaking Scholarships of selected Undergraduates & AL Students and this value also amounted to over Rs 0.60 million.

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A Souvenir printed for the Awards Ceremony carried details of all the Recipients as well as of respective Sponsors. To give added colour to the Scholarship Awards Ceremony, the students of Ananda Balika Vidyalaya recited a song especially composed by the Teacher in charge of oriental music at Devi Balika Vidyalaya to express their appreciation and gratitude to the Colombo YMBA for the magnanimous gesture of giving helping hand to such large number bright & deserving Undergraduates & AL students annually.

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