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The world is constantly adopting to new technology creating with them new career opportunities. As the worldwide demand for broadband increases, the need for high speed data transmission is apparent, hence creating a market for fiber optic technology.

The Malaysian based company Three-OPP Lanka Pvt Ltd, along with SLT has paved the way for fiber optics in Sri Lanka, and with its introduction to the Sri Lankan market, a need has grown for skilled technicians who understand the technology. The Sri Lanka Neutral Network System (SLNNS), the training arm of 3OPP will be introducing courses which will offer knowledge and insight into the fiber optical technology.

The courses will be offered in three categories; a short-term certificate for fresh graduates with on-job training aimed to enhance their technical skills, a course designed for unemployed qualified graduates to improve their career prospectives and a course catering to the technicians involved in the industry to strengthen their existing knowledge. The courses will begin at the start of March this year, and the students will have the opportunity of studying under academically qualified lecturers from both the telecom industry experts as well as university experts.

While students who have minimum Ordinary Level qualifications are eligible for entry, a pre-existing grasp of the information technology industry will enable them to better understand the curriculum. However, the courses are largely beneficial to technicians and engineers who have followed an IESL course or for those who have followed a course offered by a state university or an NVQ programme.

As the Chairman of 3OPP is a Director of the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Council of the Asia Pacific region, the courses will offer a well recognized certificate verified by the FTTH Council. SLNNS is also in the process of acquiring NVQ standards so that the students would have better opportunities of finding employment.

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“Technical competency is the keystone for any projects which require specific industry focus skills to complete the job required. Manpower upskilling is one of any nations goals to improve the economic well being of the country,” said Mr Mohamed Shajahan Bin Mohamed Iqbal- Chairman of 3OPP Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, “I welcome the effort by the team to provide this much needed training to ensure that the national projects by the goverment and operators will be be achieved on target and on time and to quality internatiional standards”.

Due to advantages such as extremely high bandwidth, optical fiber transmission distance, easy accommodation, increasing bandwidth resistance to electromagnetic interference and secure transmissions, fiber optics are rapidly gaining ground over the traditional copper wiring. As the popularity is increasing, there is a growing demand for skilled technicians in the Asian Pacific region, mainly in Australia and New Zealand. Sri Lanka itself is slowly turning towards fiber optical technology, creating career opportunities both locally and overseas.

Expressing his opinions, Mr Wijeymuni Nipuna Mahin Soysa- Chief Operating Officer of Three OPP Lanka (PVT) Ltd said, “There is a rising demand throughout the world for skilled technicians in this sector. Therefore, this is a field where skilled and knowledgeable people can be assured of a career. Our courses offer the opportunity to study a new technology to people who want to enhance their knowledge, whether they are engineers or technicians. The growing demand for competent personnel in this field also means that this is an area which has the potential to bring foreign revenue to the country.” He further went on to say that the company is pleased to contribute to the government’s plans to develop the future of the country through smart technology such as this.

SLNNS have opened admissions for the first batch. As the first course will have a limited number of intakes, please register as soon as possible. The students will be able to opt for the Certificate course in Optical fiber technician, FTTH Council Certified fiber optic technician courses and FTTH Council Certified fiber optic professional courses. Special on Job Training Programs are available for foreign qualified Engineering graduates and Technicians as well, and enrollment and registration details can be obtained from Mr.M.S.M.Muzammil the course coordinator by visiting 3OPP LANKA PRIVATE LIMITED at NO 71 /3C, Pamankada Road, Colombo -06 or calling 0716 837679, 0115 882 499, 0763 637 679, 0770 139 830. you can also send your inquires to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or obtain further details from www.3opp.my.


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