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Biomedical Sciences programs are specifically designed for students who are interested in the Biological Sciences and its practical applications, particularly in the areas of health care and research. Biomedical Sciences programs typically develop transferable skills such as laboratory techniques, data analysis and interpersonal and teamwork skills. The role of Biomedical Scientists include developing and improving medical treatments, vaccines, equipment and techniques involving healthcare. Biomedical Scientists are widely known for performing and analyzing an array of technical procedures to screen, maintain and improve human health. Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Cell Biology, Genetics, Forensic Science, Pharmacology & Research are the standard subjects that are covered throughout the course and students are placed at renowned industrial settings for their practical training based on the relevance to the subjects offered. Special exemptions are granted for the students holding HND in Biomedical Sciences based on the grades achieved in the respective program. This course is also ideal for those that wish to further their career and practice as Medical Practitioners as the pathway would serve as a stepping stone for this career option. Upon completion of the degree, pathways also exist for students who wish to further their studies in the areas of Forensic Sciences , Molecular Sciences and Nutrition.

For students who wish to further their studies in Molecular Biology, IIHS offers a 3 year Advanced Diploma in Biomedical Sciences at IIHS and a 2 year course at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia. Murdoch University has been continuously recognized as one of Australia’s leading research institutes, as more industries are now placing their faith and resources into its projects to provide research candidates and scientists the opportunity to make ground-breaking and innovative findings. Work opportunities are presented to correspond to each student’s academic path as an integral form of learning to each course. The University’s Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Program provides an exclusive learning experience, while allowing students to demonstrate their skills to potential employers. The graduates of Murdoch University are sought after by business and industry as a result of the high-quality teaching, multidisciplinary degree combinations, leading-edge research and relevant real-world learning.

Murdoch University’s biochemistry and chemistry lecturer, Mr. Garth Maker one of Western Australia’s youngest scientists was named as one of seven recipients of the prestigious Young Tall Poppy Awards. Mr. Maker was one of a group scientist who conducted research in Chinese medicine recently and has been active in speaking about his research in the media and the community, and is regularly involved in the student engagement and recruitment activities of Murdoch University.

In a recent conversation with the CEO and Founder of IIHS, Dr Kithsiri Edirisinghe, Mr. Garth Maker discusses the advantages of following Advanced Diploma in Bio Medical Sciences at IIHS and it has created pathways for four valuable Bachelors in Sciences programmes at Murdoch University, namely Forensic Biology , Genetics & Toxicology, Bio Medical Sciences, and Clinical Laboratory Sciences. “The advantage of our Forensic course is that it is Forensic Biology which is very unique compared to other universities. The program includes forensic anthropology whilst looking at legal processes in the field of Forensic Biology. There is also a strong focus on Toxicology (which is primarily focused on poisons, environmental exposures, food safety and adulterated pharmaceuticals). The advantage of these programs is that it involves a lot of Biology which can lead student into post graduate dentistry and medicine programs. So whilst our courses have obvious outcomes, they can also move into other areas. For students who wish to pursue in Forensic Investigation, they can also follow a Masters in Forensic Sciences which can provide students an opportunity to be a forensic scientist”.

Suresh Subramaniyam, a graduate of the School of Bio Medical Sciences of IIHS will be the first ever to be awarded a partial scholarship from Murdoch University for the BSc. in Biomedical Sciences at Murdoch University, which will be completed in 2 years. Suresh completed an Advanced Diploma in Biomedical Sciences at IIHS and has many research interests. He presented at the 10th World Stroke Congress on the 26th of October 2016 in India on "Assessing the usability of Stroke Riskometer among Sri Lankan urban adults". Furthermore Suresh presented on "Risk of noise induced hearing loss in Colombo night clubs" at the 10th Bio Inquirer Research Conference held in Sri Lanka.

CEO and Director of Academic Department at IIHS, Dr Kithsiri Edirisinghe states, “With our newest affiliation with Murdoch University, IIHS continues to remain as the leading health care institute in the region and we are excited to produce young thinkers into the Bio Medical Sciences industry. The institute has become the ‘Departure Lounge’ for students who wish to conquer the global health care arena. Bio Medical Sciences have become one of the most sought after programs in the world and the contributions made by Prof. Alan Mackay Sim and Mr. Garth Maker should inspire students of Sri Lanka to follow similar footsteps”.

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