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It goes without saying that the UK’s higher education system is world famous. From shaping government policy to working with artists and scientists and affecting every aspect of lifein the UK.

UK qualifications are highly respected by employers and academics worldwide. In fact, UK qualifications are a great boost to your salary and your résumé.Research shows international students educated in the UK achieve significantly higher salaries after they graduate, on average, than if they had been educated at home.

According to education experts,education establishments within the UK’s education system have long held a leading position in the global research landscape.

They are home to some of the oldest and most prestigious learned societies in the sciences (including the Royal Society, founded in 1660) and the social sciences and humanities (such as the British Academy, founded in 1902), and have produced some of the greatest thinkers of the last millennium such as Isaac Newton, Mahatma Gandhi and Charles Darwin and have the potential to give birth to even more.

Another advantage of going through the UK’s education system is the assurance of education that is reputed and recognised worldwide.All universities and colleges in the UK are compelled to adhere to strict standards by the UK government.So, you know you are getting the best in every aspect. If you look online for the full list of universities or colleges known as 'recognised bodies' that can award degrees and choose one of them you are guaranteed an education that passes all the stringent quality requirements. The universities or colleges referred to as 'recognised bodies' are referred to as such only if they have passed all the tests for quality assurance outlined by the government of the UK.

Ability to debate and come up with your own ideas is one of the many advantages of studying within the UK education system which is designed to encourage all this and so much more.UK universities and collegesembrace innovative teaching methods and high-tech learning environments by combining practical learning with lectures and seminars. There is a range of opportunities to gain practical experience. Many courses have options for work placements and internships that count towards your degree.

One of the greatest advantages of the UK higher education system is that it offers you the opportunity to pursue whatever your passion may be. This can be determined by a simple survey of the landscape of UK course availability where you may choose from the traditional to the cutting-edge etc. With the hope of giving you the ultimate degree experience the UK education system includes ‘modules’ in many courses. ‘Modules’ let you choose from a variety of subjects relevant to your course which in turn allows customisation ofyour learning experience.

For more information on how you or anyone else can take the first steps towards beginning a satisfying higher education within the UK education system, please call the British Council on + 94 (0) 11 4 521 521 or visit

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