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It is always a happy and gratifying occasion when a former student visits the alma mater on invitation to make a presentation to the current students. It was a joyous union of Angeline Ondaatjie and the Overseas School of Colombo, when she visited the school to speak to its senior students on the US University application procedure.

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In keeping with its motto of “Unity in Diversity", the Overseas School of Colombo sponsored the 23rd session of the Colombo Model United Nations 2017 conference a.k.a COMUN 2017 from March 3rd to March 5th.The conference hosted approximately 500 students from Sri Lanka and the American School of Bombay. Led by the brilliant Executive Committee of 26, the conference theme

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“On Friday 24th March the Grade 12 Visual Arts Graduate Exhibition opened at the Overseas School of Colombo. Young Artists, Charlie Barron, Amira Suhayb and Ariana Zimmermanns presented the culmination of almost 2 years of work from the International Baccalaureate Visual Arts course. Developing artworks centered around a conceptual focus, these students conceived and created

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Lukas Hettiaratchi an Overseas School student was one of the five athletes representing Sri Lanka in the ASIAN Winter games. The Asian winter games 2017 was the eighth winter games, held in Sapporo from 19 till 26 February 2017.Lukas competed in multiple events 1.4 k classic cross country skiing sprint and 10 K classic cross country skiing.

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When a child is in public school he or she is constantly tested. Each week there are spelling tests, there are chapter tests on a regular basis, and in many states there is standardized testing.

The Islamic Finance and Banking industry has been identified as one of the fastest growing sectors within the global economy. However the dearth of Islamic Banking and Finance professionals not only locally but also regionally and globally

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By consistently staying ahead of developments taking place in international civil aviation, CINEC Campus has today attained the position of being a catalyst for the industry in being able to develop new programs that are not readily available elsewhere in the country.

In modern times, grandfathers are more involved in activities with their grandchildren, discussing their futures and acting as their mentors, says new research. The authors of a new book say these closer bonds

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The Institute of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka (CMA) has organized a workshop on “Integrated Reporting- Practical Aspects” which will be held on 28thof February2017 (Tuesday), atTajSamudra, Colombo from 1.30 pm to 5.00 pm.

ANC Education brings together a large spectrum of high quality international degree avenues for local students after O/Levels & A/Levels allowing students to expedite the degree attainment process to kick start a rewarding career at a young age

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In response to demand for short courses in design, Raffles Design Institute, Colombo is launching 3rd series of courses that are offered on a part-time basis for students who wish to develop basic skills in different areas of the creative industries.

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Listening to five minutes of West African or Indian pop music can give the listener more positive attitudes towards those cultures, research from the Universities of Oxford and Exeter has found.

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Under the guidance of the Rector of the College Rev Fr Ranjith Andradi a modern sports pavilion was declared opened recently for the benefit of the students of the college and the participating schools.

Scientists from the University of Southampton have discovered an important way that the immune system can learn to recognise and fight cancers. The team, led by Professor Aymen Al-Shamkhani and funded by Cancer Research UK,

“Geoscience for National Development” the 33rd annual technical sessions organized by the Geological Society of Sri Lanka (GSSL) to be inaugurated on 24th February 2017 (Friday) at 10.00 am onwards at the Auditorium, Plant Genetic Resource Centre (PGRC)

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AIC Campus a leading Transnational Education provider and a member of the IMC AIC Education Consortium was the first private education institution to introduce Global Engineering Transfer in Partnership with ESIGELEC Graduate School

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Newspapers and hoardings advertise the ‘Greatest’ university at the ‘Cheapest’ price. All boast of having the ‘Best’ affiliations and the ‘Highest quality’ programs.

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“There is no world department of education,” says Lydia Snover, director of institutional research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. But Times Higher Education, she believes, is helping to fill that gap:

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Russia is also home to a top 200 university: Lomonosov Moscow State University, which sits in 161st place in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015-16.

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Management & Science University (MSU) is one of Malaysia's top universities, with a focus on developing and delivering quality human capital in national and global critical-need areas; among them, Medicine

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Established with the vision of providing guaranteed pathways for Sri Lankan students to enter into globally ranked top universities, Universal College Lanka (UCL) has a proven track-record with its exclusive partnerships with Monash College Australia and University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC)

We represent a wide range of world renowned, internationally recognized Universities and Institutions across UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia.

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Johns Hopkins and the University of Pennsylvania deploy a host of financial and intellectual resources to help locals build richer, healthier, more inclusive cities. John Morgan reports

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An executive order signed by US president Donald Trump late on Friday afternoon immediately barring immigrants and non-immigrant visitors from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US has had immediate effects on scholars and students.

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Being a leading University in Sri Lanka which executes for excellence in higher education with national, regional and global standards, University of Peradeniya reaches its 75th year of excellence in 2017. As it reaches its 75th milestone, the university has planned a year of Diamond Jubilee celebrations throughout 2017.