Are you bombarded with numerous education options and don’t know what to choose? The first challenge is to find the university that meets your needs. This is ‘your’ life. Don’t be influenced by your peers or the most colourful advertisement.

If your parents are sponsoring you, be grateful. Don’t force them to spend money that they don’t have.

Is the Subject right?

The selection of the subject can make or break your university experience. Be 200% sure that you are satisfied with the subject. Do your research. Check job options. You will spend your next three to six years studying it, and then the next 40-50 years working in the area.

Consult university rankings and recognition

If you are planning to work in Sri Lanka, select a university that is well known in the island. Many students make the mistake of only considering the ranking of the foreign university, yet do not bear in mind that the education in received through the delivery of the local partner.

Find out what the university resources are

The university library is priority. Look at the books available in your field of study. Are there extra curriculum activities available is another question that you should ask. Sports teams, clubs and society add spice to the university life. University life is not just about studying!

Check out the faculty

The education comes from the faculty. Inquire as to who the lecturers will be. Check what their qualifications are. A simple rule is that a lecturer should have a minimum of one qualification higher than the qualification that is being administered. I.e. to teach a bachelor’s degree, all lecturers must have at least a master’s degree.
- Mahishka Samarasinghe

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