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First European State University to offer Engineering Degrees in the Island

AIC Campus a leading Transnational Education provider and a member of the IMC AIC Education Consortium was the first private education institution to introduce Global Engineering Transfer in Partnership with ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering thus becoming the first and only institution to offer University Education through a University in France. With the launch of the Global Transfer Program Sri Lankan Students will have the liberty to transfer to many universities around the world after completing the first two years at AIC.

AIC and BNTU partnership is another first in the Private Higher Education in the Island. BNTU is the first European State University to offer Engineering Degrees in Sri Lanka and also the only 4 year Engineering Degree offered by a private institution in the country through a state university in Europe. Students can obtain a prestigious Engineering degree from the National Technological University right here in Sri Lanka in Three Major areas of study. Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and IT & Robotics.

Dr. Sanjayadeve Munasinghe, M.D. Chairman AIC Campus Who has been in the Private Higher Education Industry for over 15 years commented that “Sri Lanka is in need of qualified and talented Engineers to drive the country’s Development in infrastructure and industrial growth. We have identified the needs and brought in the right partner to educate our future generation of engineers”

AIC Campus is proud to announce the First Ever European State University Engineering Degree Completion program in Sri Lanka at an affordable cost for Sri Lankan Students;this was a long overdue need for the aspiring young Sri Lankans who can complete a four year engineering degree. Stated Dr. Gishan Sumanasiri Executive Director / CEO of AIC Campus.

Dr. Igor Satikov the Director International Relations of BNTU stated “We are very positive about our partnership with AIC Campus in Sri Lanka to deliver our four year Engineering Degrees in Civil, Mechanical and IT and Robotics. This is our first ever overseas study Centre and I wish all the success to AIC and Sri Lankan students”

"BNTU Engineering degree programs are going to provide unique learning opportunities for Sri Lankan students who are overwhelmed with theoretical and examination focused education system. The practical and hands-on European Engineering education is exactly what's required to resolve the practical issues of industry both locally and globally. Since BNTU is a world leading, top 400 ranked universities, it's going to transform students into true global Engineers" stated Dr.Dharangan Executive Director / Director Finance of AIC Campus

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Students with their Local or London A/Level in Math stream can apply for the Engineering Degree Completion program. Students with O/Levels can start their Journey in engineering education by joining the Foundation in Engineering and Technology (FITE) at AIC Campus offered by a European University.
Special BNTU Scholarships are offered for Students with good A/Level Results and who have taken part in Extra Curricular activities.
For more information please call AIC Campus on 0768 268 163 or 0774 409 240

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