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In response to demand for short courses in design, Raffles Design Institute, Colombo is launching 3rd series of courses that are offered on a part-time basis for students who wish to develop basic skills in different areas of the creative industries. The courses run in the weekends for a period of 6 months, and they will enable students to develop key skills in design, as well as prepare them for higher learning or promotion opportunities. Certificate courses in Fashion Design, Graphic Design and Interior Design will be delivered starting in March, 2017 at Raffles Design Institute, Galle Road, Colombo 3.

The Greek philosopher Socrates maintained that “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel” and this approach to education is fundamental to how Raffles creates and delivers its courses. Head of Sales & Marketing of Raffles Design Institute, Colombo, Amila Kularatne says that it is important for educators create a rich, interesting learning environment for students that promotes a passion for learning and encourages high levels of self-motivation. Once the ‘flame’ that Socrates mentioned is on fire, there is no stopping students from accessing more knowledge and developing more skills, and this is something that Raffles believes is key to promoting a love of lifelong learning.

Certificate courses provide an opportunity to find out, in an interesting way, what a particular major or area of study is all about. Additionally, students can learn how the knowledge and skills are useful for leisure purposes, for daily life or even for career change and advancement. Raffles Management and the faculty are committed to outcome-based education that has, as an important aim, the enjoyment of learning real world skills. The certificate courses are designed to facilitate maximum participation and to ensure that the students enjoy the process to the point that they want to continue in the learning process. Mr. Kularatne notes “there is a creative person inside all of us, and we at Raffles provide a rich learning environment that sparks the development of this creativity and provides opportunities for its development”.

There are many reasons that someone might take a part time course ranging from thinking about new career options to simple curiosity or the desire to keep the mind active and learn new skills, but whatever the reason, the courses at Raffles will be stimulating and fun for the participants. The courses are designed for people from all walks of life and there are no pre-requisites or prior qualifications required, just an interest to learn. Upon the conclusion of each course, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion and they are eligible to enroll for the part time 1 year Diploma program.

Raffles Design Institute is a part of the largest private education provider in the Asia- Pacific region, Raffles Education Corporation, Singapore. The group comprises 26 colleges in 24 cities across 14 countries and has over 20,000 enrolled students in the Asia Pacific and Europe. Please contact 0114375111 or Hotline 070 2588681(Shanaka) for further information.


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