ANC Education brings together a large spectrum of high quality international degree avenues for local students after O/Levels & A/Levels allowing students to expedite the degree attainment process to kick start a rewarding career at a young age. We enable transfers and direct placements to top universities in America or allow students to complete American university degrees here in Sri Lanka for an affordable cost.

ANC offers:

• merit based scholarships up to US$ 2,700 for the ANC US University Transfer Program or US Degree Completion Program in Sri Lanka
• free psychometric tests, necessary counselling and career guidance
• a plethora of degree programs in top universities in USA
• 100% credit transfers to partner universities
• free application support
• comprehensive and personalized visa guidance (with a record of 99.9% visa acceptance)
• free IELTS and SAT preparation for all registrations
• loans and numerous options to finance your higher education

O/Level is clearly not your ultimate academic venture. If you wish to land on a solid well-paying job, you most definitely need a recognized university degree in your chosen field - which is a stepping stone to reach your career goals. Now you can start your degree at ANC with pending O/L results and be career competent at 21 years. As you may know, under the US education system, students are qualified to enter an undergraduate degree program in American universities after O/Levels as local O/Level is equivalent to a high school diploma in the US. This pathway allows you to enter either into US Transfer Program or Degree Completion Program at a very young age like 16 and graduate by the age of 21 ahead of your peers. Furthermore this option enables you to enter into the corporate world and climb the corporate ladder at a young age way ahead of the peers who opt for other alternative study options.

Annually over 250,000 students sit for local A/L - yet more or less 8% of students get the chance to enter state universities due to many limitations. Students may also experience restrictions in terms of subject offerings and facilities, and may take a longer time to graduate. With ANC, you have the liberty to select from a diverse range of subject majors and minors, virtually in every field from arts, social sciences and humanities to aeronautical engineering - and study in fabulous education destinations in the world.

Foreign university graduates, especially with American credentials, are highly sought after by employers and stand a better chance of being employed with high starting salaries soon upon graduation, compared to those with local and other qualifications. Particularly, the US attracts a growing number of international students every year, owing to its proven excellence in education, research, innovation and technology with the best universities in the world delivering quality global education.

The US has:

• 17 universities in the top 20 universities in the world - with Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University ranked on the top of the list.
• a large number of the world’s Nobel prize laureates
• leading companies with a strong global presence (at least 134 American companies dominating the 500 Fortune Global companies)
• every day billions of people around the world rely on American discoveries and innovations

Under ANC Transfer Program, we allow students to complete up to 2 to 3 years of their foreign university degree in Sri Lanka and transfer to world-class universities in the USA. We also directly place students in some of the best universities in the USA.

If you are unable to go abroad for studies due to various reasons, we allow you to complete your American university degree here in Sri Lanka. Under our US Degree Completion Program, we offer students a range of American Business degrees from Northwood University, one of the leading specialized business university in the USA, enabling students to save up to 70% of the cost of studying the same degree abroad. ANC, for over 14 years in the industry, has established strong partnerships with high quality universities in the world to create degree avenues for local students to maximize benefits you receive, leading you to land solid well-paying jobs here and overseas.

At this significant juncture, we guide you through each step to assess your strengths and weaknesses to discover where your real interest lies - and narrow down your education options to shape your future career, helping you go the distance to emerge victorious.

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