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By consistently staying ahead of developments taking place in international civil aviation, CINEC Campus has today attained the position of being a catalyst for the industry in being able to develop new programs that are not readily available elsewhere in the country.

Currently CINEC is the only private training facility in Sri Lanka conducting a two year fulltime course in Aircraft Maintenance Training (AMT) for B 1.1 (Jet engine – pressurized aircraft).

The AMTCertificate course, gives students an in depth practical knowledge and exposure to be a maintenance technician, leading on to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

The course is fully approved by CAASL (Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka) with continual quality assessments carried out . The course is being conducted according to the EASA syllabus and is approved by CAASL

CINEC Campus with their purpose-built training complex is designed to provide an ambience of comfort and tranquility conducive for training. It is equipped with a comprehensive range of facilities to create a unique total training environment. international training requirements. Hence, they conduct the AMT practical training on an operational Jet Engine powered, pressurized LEARJET 24 aircraft. This provides the trainees with hands on training in removal and fitment of components and operating of aircraft systems and many more

The students also have a dedicated aircraft Sheet metal workshop, a jet turbine engine workshop and a Composite panel repair workshops for practical training. In addition, AMT students are also exposed to hands on training in CINEC Engineering workshops such as basic filing, metal work, lathe shop,Hydraulic and welding workshops

Offering facilities that are not available in most aircraft training schools in Sri Lanka, CINEC’s Electrical, Electronic lab and Hydraulic simulation lab helps students to gain experience on aircraft hydraulic systems. In fact, the entire AMT Course is conducted under one roof at CINEC.

The aviation school also maintains a high-quality standard in teaching and it comprises of well experienced and fully qualified lecturers who have many years of experience, both as aircraft maintenance engineers and fully qualified Instructors. Non-aviation modules are conducted by well experienced graduates. Because of the high standard of teaching, CINEC AMT students have been successful in passing international exams such as EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) at the first attempt..

Students eligible to join this course should have 6 passes at their G.C.E O/L that includes Mathematics, Science &English. Students doing London O/L exam, need to have 3 credits in Mathematics, Physics & English including 6 passes. No A/L qualification is required but exposure to A/L Physics is an added advantage. Successful applicants would be decided on their performance in an aptitude test and an interview. With applications currently open for this course, interested applicants can get in touch for further details by dropping an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Aspiring to be a top aviation training center in Asia, CINEC is currently the benchmark in the country, in their best practices that meets the training needs of the global aviation community.

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